Our team


Toybox Toy Library has been operating since 1996. We are a member of the Toy Library Federation of New Zealand and a non-profit (charity) organization run by a committee of volunteers. We rely on membership fees and grants/donations from our supporters to run and stock the toy library. The Library also employs a paid librarian, Vicky So who helps run all our sessions.


Due to the Library being run on a voluntary basis, we are always in need of volunteers. Most of the volunteers are Mums just like you, who are members and want to give back a little and help to make our toy library a great place. Here are the opportunities to help:

Stocktake – Annual event when the Library items are checked, cleaned, remarked & repaired as necessary.

Repairs – If you are able to help with sewing, gluing, electrical repairs etc, please let our librarians know, it often needs as our toys well used.

Fundraising – It’s vital to running of the Library. You are expected to take part in organized fundraising events throughout the year.

Committee Support/Member– A role where you can help with tasks associated with running the Library. Help your local library fresh and new!

Rostered Duties – EXTRA duties completed are greatly appreciated. A choice of rewards is given to a member who completed an additional duty after they have completed the rostered duty as part of your membership guideline.

Your help is essential to us! If you are able to give help in any kind, please contact us, by email at toyboxtoylibrary@gmail.com or facebook on our page hamiltontoyboxtoylibrary, we would love to hear from you.


Do you want to organise a party for your child but find out having not enough toys to entertain your little guests? Check out our PARTY HIRE option! Extra toys (unlimited number) may be hired for your special events, to members at a cost of $5 per toy. We have heaps of big and outdoor toys for members to hire for kids’ party! Please come to the Library during opening hours, our librarians are always happy to help members find and select appropriate toys that are suitable for your child’s Big Day.

Our SUMMER HIRE option also allows members to hire toys for the whole summer entertainment at an affordable cost. Cost and Toys’ list will be released generally at the end of November. Follow us on our Facebook page, you won’t miss any special events and good deals.


It is our aim to provide and promote the safe use of toys. All returned toys should be in a complete, clean and good dry condition. If toys are not returned in a satisfactory manner you will be asked to clean or dry them or you will incur a fine for cleaning. Please let us know if any safety concerns you may have about a toy. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that age appropriate toys are chosen for children. Where a family comprises of children under and over the appropriate age of toy, the member must supervise and protect those under the appropriate age for the toy whilst the toy is in use. The Library is not responsible for any damage to person or property caused during the use of the Library property.

Members are welcome to bring children to visit the Library, but you are fully responsible for your children’ supervision. Please do not bring sick children into the Library. If the librarian cannot work because of infectious disease (e.g. chickenpox, influenza etc), and a replacement cannot be found, the Library may be closed at short notice.