Membership Options

Membership is open to Hamilton and Hamilton South Rural residents. There are no additional hire age fees once you pay for the membership. The membership is valid for 6 or 12 full months from your signup date. To join the Library, please print out and bring the membership form to us during opening hours. Or, come into the Library and fill out the on the spot. A valid photo ID and a proof of address are also required when joining. You can pay in cash, cheque or make an online payment to our bank account, but NO EFTPOS or credit card facilities available at the Library. Once we confirm your payment, you can start taking toys home.

All membership fees are non-refundable, except for Casual membership bond. Those members with duties membership will be rostered on duty based on their preferred duty day, or a roster will be given to you by our librarians if you have not signed it up yourself. Failure to carry out the duties during the membership period will mean you are charged the difference between non-rostered membership and rostered membership, i.e. Fines of $10 for a Tues duty or $20 for a Sat duty.


12 months (non-rostered)


12 months (with 3 rostered duties)

$90 with 3  duties required (Tues/Sat)

$75 with 1 duty (Tues/Sat) + 2 duties Sat

6 months (non-rostered)


6 months (with 2 rostered duties)

$60 with 2 duties (Tues/Sat)

$50 with 1 duty (Tues/Sat) + 1 duty Sat

Casual memberships also available

$25 (for 5 visits plus $20 bond, refundable some restrictions apply)


Our bank account details are:


Bank: Westpac

Number: 03 1559 0103523-00

Name: Hamilton Toy Box Toy library


How many toys can I hire?

All toys are categorized into different ranges from A to G depending on the value of their purchased price. All members (except casual members) may hire up to 4 toys, a puzzle or game and a DVD. Only one toy in F/G range is allowed at any one time. You can browse our wide range of toys at the Library website. Note: Toys require batteries will not be supplied with batteries. This remains the responsibility of the borrower.

What is Rostered duty?

Due to the Toy Library being run on a voluntary basis, if you are a rostered member, your help is required at 3 sessions per 12-month membership or at 2 sessions per 6-month membership. You are entitled to one extra toy each session that you help. You will be given a roster with the date of your duty. You are given 2 chances to reschedule a rostered duty if unforeseen circumstances arise: otherwise if you miss a rostered duty and have not given notice you will be charged $10 for a missed duty on a Tuesday or $20 for a missed duty on a Saturday. While on duty you will be required to be at the Toy library for the whole session and tasks include checking/counting toys returned, cleaning as necessary, help packing up. Please read the 'Duties List' at the Toy Library. If it’s a quiet session, you might be asked to help tidy the cupboards, replace bags that are wearing out, re-label toys and help with getting new toys into circulation, or other tasks requested by the librarian. Each duty is 2 hours long, duty members should come to the library by 9:30 am and are required to stay until 11:30 am. You are welcome to bring your children with you if necessary but you are fully responsible for your children’ supervision while they are in the Library. If you are unable to do your rostered day, you have to:

  1. Phone or email the librarian (give us one-week notice, unless there are unseen circumstances) that you are unable to do it and re-schedule your rostered duty within your membership period.
  2. Swap with a member or find a replacement volunteer – this can be a friend or family member if you can’t find another toy library member to sway duties (but you are responsible if they don’t turn up and you will be fined)


Can I help out by doing an extra duty?

Yes! Your help is greatly appreciated. The Library will offer a choice of rewards for any EXTRA duty completed. By EXTRA we mean any additional duty after you have completed the rostered duty as part of your membership guideline. Please talk to our librarian for more details.