Frequently Asked Questions

Toybox Toy Library is a member of the Toy Library Federation of New Zealand. We are a non-profit (charity) organization run by a committee of volunteers and rely on membership fees and grants/donations from our supporters to run and stock the Library. The committee meet monthly/bi-monthly and in between, they work from their own homes organizing Library matters. The Library also employs a paid librarian, Vicky So works on Tuesday weekly as well as Saturday fortnightly to provide outstanding library service to our community. Most of volunteers are Mums just like you, who are members and want to give back a little and help to make our toy library a great place. We are always in need of new committee members. If you feel passionate about making our Library better and may want to consider joining us, please feel free to speak to Vicky, our friendly librarian or contact us by email or FB.

Our Library is at 122 Masters Avenue, Hillcrest, Hamilton. To find us, follow our road signs, turn into the PowerStation building of Hillcrest Chapel, there’s usually plenty of parking right outside the library door.

Our Library operates from early February until mid-December when we take a summer break. We have Tuesday sessions weekly and Saturday sessions fortnightly from 9:30am to 11:30am throughout the year including school term break. Follow us on Facebook today to find out our upcoming sessions on our page. The Library is closed on public holidays.

Yes! You are welcome to bring your children to the Library when you come to check out toys, but you are fully responsible for your children’ supervision while they are at Library.

Toy loans may be renewed once at the end of the fortnight for another two-week period. But this may depend on the popularity of toy or if the item is reserved. Get in touch with us by email or Facebook, our librarian will check and arrange a toy renewal for you if no other issue. Alternatively, you can login the Library website to do the toy renewal yourself. Note, it can be done only on or before the toys expire. A fine may apply to items overdue by more than a week.

If you lost a piece and not able to find the piece, you will be charged a fine generally around $3~$9 depending on the significance of the piece to the toy. If you damage the toy and the toy is no longer usable, you will be charged a replacement cost, every toy will have a different cost. If you find a missing piece that we have charged you for, we will gladly give you a refund.

Please ask either Vicky (Tuesday librarian) or Candice (Saturday librarian) to update your details when you’re at the library. Alternatively, please contact us.