1285: Cariboo Balloon Lagoon

Cariboo Balloon Lagoon photo
  • Category: G
  • Manufacturer: Cranium
  • Age: 4+years
  • Replacement cost: $69.95
  • Storage: : Box


The fun-filled Cranium Balloon Lagoon for kids includes 4 carnival activities and a merry-go-round music timer. First player with 15 balloons wins. Games include Letter Lake (fish for letters to spell words), Frog Pond (flip frogs back into pond), Tumble Tides (spin a picture puzzle), and Snack Hut (roll dice to match tasty snacks). Each game only takes 15 minutes but you will want to play again and again! Comes with game board, musical merry-go-round timer, 4 carnival games, 4 player movers, 72 scoring balloons, and balloon bag. For 2 to 4 players. Made in USA.